Underfloor Heating Maintenance

The underfloor heating system is in principle maintenance free and designed to work for many years.  There are some checking points;

1. The pressure in the underfloor heating system should be checked now and then.  If necessary the underfloor heating system is refilled, which might be the case in the beginning of the winter season.

2. Check by means of the manual air bleed valves that the underfloor heating system has been bled of air.  A major air bubble can disturb the circulation.

3. If need to refill increases, check for leakage.  It might be necessary to tighten couplings.  If the pressure cannot be maintained despite this, it is best to carry out more careful fault tracing and if necessary call in experts to go through the  entire warm water underfloor heating system.

For more detailed technical information, please view our technical information pages or contact us here with any queries.

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