Underfloor Heating Reinforcement Mesh Installation Information

The steel reinforcement mesh of the floor structure offers an easy and economic way of fixing the warm water underfloor heating pipes according to the required layout pattern.  Maximum distance between fixing points to the mesh is normally 750 mm and at bends 300 mm.

Water underfloor heating pipe loops are laid on a mesh, fixed with tying wires before concreting.  It is important to ensure that the mesh does not lay directly on the underfloor heating insulation.  The mesh is normally aimed to reinforce the concrete structure.

The underfloor heating pipes can also be clipped direct to the underfloor heating insulation with pipe clips.  This makes for and easy way of installing underfloor heating in concrete floors.  The plastic clips has barbs to make sure they stay in the underfloor heating insulation.

Timber floor systems rely on the conductivity of components fitted within the floor to conduct the heat from the pipe surface to the floor finish.

Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd system in timber suspended floors are normally used with a 25 mm infill between the joists.

In order to achieve good results the underfloor heating pipes must transfer their heat evenly to the floor surface without creating variations in the surface temperature across the floor.  The mass of the floor structure is 50 % less than the mass of a screeded floor system, the response time of a timber floor system is usually much faster than that from a solid floor.

It is very important that  underfloor heating insulation is used below the underfloor heating pipes in timber suspended floor installations.

The wood must be properly dried out with timber suspended floors.  When timber absorbs moisture it expands and when it loses moisture it shrinks.  If the moisture content of the timber is relatively high near the bottom of the board, the board will curl upwards on the edges.

If the moisture content is relatively high near the top surface of the board it will curl downward on the edges.

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