Underfloor Heating Lockshield Valve

An underfloor heating installation with different pipe loop lenghts and water flow requirements will have different pressure drops for the different loops.  In order to achieve an even heat distribution between the rooms in the installation the pressure drop of the different loops must be balanced.

In the Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd system this can be done by means of the lockshield valves provided on the return manifold.

In underfloor heating systems, the requirements on expansion vessels do not differ from other systems.  The water volume in the underfloor heating system can be calculated.

Pump and mixer pack are normally required to provide correct water temperature and pressure to the underfloor heating system.  Underfloor heating systems operates with a low temperature drop and need to be adapted to different heat sources.

Our underfloor heating systems can be provided with the pump and the mixing valve from Reliance Water Controls.

The most common problem experienced with underfloor heating is that the room thermostat is connected to the wrong actuator head, or the actuator head is fixed to the wrong loop.

If an underfloor heating loop fails to get warm, check the following;

– That the room thermostat is controlling the correct actuator head and the loop is open.

– Shut of all the other loops and test the loop that is failing to get warm.

– Flush all the loops with mains pressure to make sure that all the air is gone from each loop.

– Regulate the lockshield valves on the underfloor heating return manifold.

– Check that the underfloor heating pump is set on the correct speed and that the pump is working.

– Check that there is no rubbish in the underfloor heating mixing valve and check that the flow and the return is correctly fitted to the mixing valve.

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