Underfloor Heating Automatic Bypass Valve

Normally the underfloor heating flow rates per underfloor heating water loop is between 1 – 4 l/min.  The flow rate for the water underfloor heating system can be regulated on the underfloor heating return manifold.  Each loop can be adjusted to suitable settings.  ie longer loops would normally be fully open and the shorter loops would be adjusted.

110 m underfloor heating loop normally has a pressure drop of 30 kPa, note that 110 m is the maximum loop length for one underfloor heating loop.  The underfloor heating pump will normally deal with all the underfloor heating circuits.  There still needs to be a boiler pump fitted to feed the water to the underfloor heating system.

Always install an automatic bypass valve by the boiler.  This is normal practice for any heating system.  The domestic hot water system should have it’s own two port valve as should any radiators fitted to the heating system.  If an underfloor heating system is fitted then the underfloor heating system should also have it’s own two port valve.  This is called an S-Plan system.

The underfloor heating manifold should always be fitted with flow meters on the flow manifold and thermal actuators on the return manifold.  The wiring center is normally fitted above the underfloor heating water manifold.  Pump and mixing valve is connected to the manifold.

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