Underfloor Heating Manifolds

Most underfloor heating systems above 25 sqm will need an underfloor heating manifold. The underfloor heating manifolds should be located centrally in the building.  Normally one manifold can do up to 180 – 200 sqm floor area depending on the floor layout.  A normal four bedroom property will have one manifold for each floor.

Our underfloor heating manifolds are made in Germany to the highest quality possible by WATTS DUMSER.  Our underfloor heating manifolds come with euroconus fittings 16 x 2 mm to be used with our multilayer pipe from HENCO in Belgium.

The underfloor heating manifolds will also come with flow meters on the flow manifold that will adjust the flow and can also be used as isolators.  The return manifold comes with heads for actuators to be fitted.  Each manifold will also have it’s own ball valve and end caps for filling the underfloor heating system.

All of our underfloor heating manifolds comes fitted to brackets.  Our pump and mixing valve made by Grundfos and Reliance Water Controls will fit directly into our underfloor heating manifold.  The pump/mixer pack can be fitted to the left or to the right of our underfloor heating manifolds.

For more information on installing your underfloor heating manifold view our technical information page or contact us with any queries.

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