Underfloor Heating Pipe and Engineered Boards

Our underfloor heating pipework is from HENCO in Belgium.  It is approved for 10 bar pressure and 95 degree C water temperature, one of the best approvals you can have for an underfloor heating pipe.  The aluminium layer makes sure that the underfloor heating pipe is 100 % oxygen diffusion tight.

Our HENCO underfloor heating pipe is also very flexible and the pipe will stay in shape after it has been bent. The expansion levels are much lower than normal plastic pipes and the heat output is much higher compared to some other underfloor heating plastic pipes on the market.

We recommend engineered boards (21 mm) for water underfloor heating.  The boards can be glued on top of the concrete floor.  The boards should be allowed to acclimatise before they are fixed.  Fit the boards on top of the concrete for 5 – 7 days before fixing them.

The moisture content of the boards needs to be below 8 % before the boards are fixed.  Make sure that all the moisture from the concrete is gone before the wet underfloor heating system is operated.  Never fit wood on wood, ie plywood and then oak boards, this will not work very well as the heat will struggle to get through.

Any heat source will work for the underfloor heating water system.  The floor temperature of an underfloor heating system is normally running at maximum 27 degree C.  Please note that there are no joints in the floor with underfloor heating.   If the pipe has been damaged in a timber suspended floor by a nail, we can supply couplers.  If an underfloor heating coupler is used in a screeded floor, always use DENSO tape around the brass fitting, as else the brass will react with the screed.

Underfloor heating and radiators can be mixed without any problems.  Heat pumps are very efficient with underfloor heating.  The Coefficient of Operating Performance -COP will be very high as wet underfloor heating only requires low water temperature.  The best energy efficient solution is underfloor heating water, ground source heat pump and a concrete floor construction.

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