Henco Underfloor Heating Pipe

At Underfloor Heating Systems Limited we use Henco mulitlayer pipes for our underfloor heating system.  See website www.henco.be.

The wet underfloor heating system must be 100 % oxygen diffusion tight, which is guaranteed by using Henco multilayer pipe.  The aluminium layer eliminates any corrosion risk in the underfloor heating system.

The aluminium layer will also give our Henco underfloor heating pipe excellent conductivity, which is a must for underfloor heating pipework as they depend on low temperature water to give out heat.  By using a pipe with aluminium layer, we will get more heat output than most normal plastic pipes.

The Henco underfloor heating pipe is very easy to bend and the pipe will stay in shape.  There is no spring back effect with Henco multilayer pipe.

Underfloor heating water system are also self regulating.  The reason for this is the low floor temperature that can be almost the same as the air temperature.

The Henco pipework is made of PE-Xc/Al/PE-Xc.  The pipe is 16 x 2 mm in size.  Maximum loop length is 110 m for any loop.  The outside diameter is 16 mm and the wall thickness is 2 mm.

The aluminium thickness for our multilayer pipe from Henco is 0.4 mm.  Maximum operating temperature is 95 degree C and maximum operating pressure is 10 bar.

The minimum bending radius is 80 mm for our 16 x 2 mm underfloor heating pipe.

The weight is 0.125 kg/m and the water content is 0.113 l/m.

Heat conduction coefficient for the Henco underfloor heating pipe is 0.43 W/mK and the linear expansion coefficient is 0.025 mm/mK.

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