Actuator for Underfloor Heating

Our underfloor heating actuator from Henco in Belgium is made to the highest quality possible. It is an ON/OFF electrical head and the actuator is fitted on the underfloor heating return manifold.

The specification for our underfloor heating Henco actuator is;

Type of load controlled by the extrenal circuit – 700 mA.

Type of action – Modulating.

Pollution grade – 2.

Rated pulse – 4 kV.

Type of movement – Linear movement.

Maximum actuator stroke – 3.5 mm.

Working stroke on valve – 2.5 mm.

Power consumption – 2.5 W.

The actuator is 230 V and normally closed.  No power to the underfloor heating actuator means that is is closed.  There is a window on the actuator that will show if the actuator is closed or open.  Red means closed and black means open.

The underfloor heating actuator is normally controlled by a room thermostat via an underfloor heating wiring centre.

When mounting the actuator on the underfloor heating return manifold, the valve plug shuts off the flow of fluid.  When voltage is applied a linear movement of the thermostatic element is caused, the valve plug opens which then allows the fluid to flow.

Before fitting the underfloor heating actuator, remove the protective cap on the underfloor heating manifold.  Screw the actuator ring by hand on the threaded part of the underfloor heating manifold and lock it.  Connect the wires to the underfloor heating wiring centre.

Please note, never open the actuator body casing even of failure as this could cause injury.

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