Underfloor Heating Manifold Control Pack Instructions

The underfloor heating manifold control pack provides temperature controlled mixed water to an underfloor heating system with a heat output up to 14 kW.  Our pump station is made by Reliance Water Controls in the UK – www.rwc.co.uk.

The specification for the underfloor heating mixer pack is;

Maximum pressure: 10 bar

Maximum temperature: 90 degree C

Adjustable control range: 35 to 65 degree C

Factory pre-set temperature: 35 degree C

The underfloor heating mixing unit will come with a ThermoMix UFH valve.  Grundfos 15/60 wet underfloor heating pump, including rubber washers, pump nuts and a connection elbow.

The underfloor heating control unit is designed to work with different underfloor heating manifolds at 210 mm centres.  The manifold control unit is a bolt on unit providing a quick and simple underfloor heating system to install.

A fused spur should be provided adjacent to the water underfloor heating manifold to provide power to the pump and the two port zone valve if fitted.

To comply with IEE regulations, the pump on the manifold control pack must be provided with an earth.  All wiring should be undertaken by a qualified installer and must conform to IEE regulations.

The water underfloor heating mixing valve supplied as part of the manifold control pack has a temperature setting range as detailed below;

35 degree C

45 degree C

50 degree C

60 degree C

65 degree C

The temperature control is factory set in the adjustable position and at the minimum temperature (35 degree C).

When installing the mixing unit, firstly fix the underfloor heating manifold to the wall leaving enough room beside the manifold to fit the control pack. The ThermoMix UFH valve comes complete with a blanking plug, this means if the standard orientation of the kit is not suitable for your application you can unscrew the blanking plug and the pump union and change them around to reverse the kit, the thread is a left handed thread.

Connect the underfloor heating mixing valve to the pump using the pump nut which is connected to the Thermomix, ensuring the pump washers is inserted.

Slip the pump nut over the flange on the flow connection elbow.

Use the pump nut to connect the elbow to the pump, again ensuring the pump washer is inserted.

Fasten the pump union connections.

Connect the elbow to the flow manifold by means of the 1″ connection onto the flat faced union connection, remembering to fit the 1″ fibre washer.

Connect the underfloor heating water ThermoMix UFH control valve to the return underfloor heating manifold by means of the 1″ connection onto the flat faced union connection again remembering to fit the 1″ fibre washer.

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