Underfloor Heating Facts

Wet underfloor heating is not a new idea in the UK.  The Romans where using hot air as an underfloor heating system many years ago. Today’s modern water underfloor heating systems allows the floor to become one large radiator.  The system will operate at very low water temperatures so the floor surface temperature will be very low and safe to human contact.

A dry underfloor heating system is operated by electrical elements in the floor.  Here at Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd we do not supply dry underfloor heating systems, only wet underfloor heating systems are available from us.

Water underfloor heating systems are very easy to control as the floor surface temperature is very similar to the air temperature. All living areas would have it’s own programmable digital room thermostat.

Wet underfloor heating system can be used for both domestic and commercial building projects.

Many self builders install the underfloor heating water system themselves as it is not difficult to install.  An underfloor heating system might be a bit more expensive to purchase compared to a traditional radiator system, but the running cost is lower and the comfort levels are much higher.

In the past one of the drawbacks with wet underfloor heating has been the response time to heat up the building compared to a radiator system.  The modern solution is to operate the underfloor heating water system 24/7 with setback temperature during the day and the night.  It is cheaper to run the underfloor heating system this way.

For each underfloor heating system we sell, we will offer a hand sketch or a CAD drawing for a small charge of the pipe layout.  Project information about the underfloor heating loops are also included with a full set of underfloor heating instructions.  Any issues please call our underfloor heating technical department on 01905-616 928.

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