Water Underfloor Heating for North London – Concrete Screeded Floor – A Case Study

Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd are supplying a wet underfloor heating system for a customer in central London.  The project is for a ground floor area covering 70m².

The floor construction is a concrete screeded floor. The underfloor heating pipes will be fitted on top of 75 mm high density Kingspan insulation. Our underfloor heating clips are used for fixing the underfloor heating pipe to the insulation. Finally, 65 mm screed is fitted on top of the insulation and the floor finish will be tiles and floor boards.

The house builder can install the wet underfloor heating system themselves. A full set of instructions, hand sketches and project information has been provided.

The manifold will be located in one of the bedrooms. Our underfloor heating manifolds are from Germany and are made by Watts/Dumser.

400m of Henco PEX/AL/PEX underfloor heating pipework has been supplied at c/c 200 mm pipe centres.

The underfloor heating water system will use six programmable digital Heatmiser PRT hardwired 3 core + earth room thermostats.

A Heatmiser UH3 wiring centre is provided and the actuators come from Henco in Belgium.

Here at Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd we are supplying many systems to the London area.

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