Underfloor Heating Floor Constructions

Wet underfloor heating will work with many floor constructions, such as a screeded concrete floor, timber suspended floor and a floating floor.

In a screeded floor the sand/cement mix is normally a ratio of 4:1 and 65-75mm in height. Liquid Anhydrite screed can be only 50mm.

Timber suspended floor is normally fitted on the First Floor of buildings in the UK.  See our website for full set of instructions;


Floating floor is a solution that we offer, however it is not one of our most common products for the UK. The majority of floor finishes will work well in conjunction with this method, including carpets, tiles, stones, laminate, floor boards and vinyl.

It is always best to check with the manufacturer of any floor finish that it will work with underfloor heating before you purchase.

After the system has been installed, a pressure test must be performed and the system will need balancing. There is normally no need for maintenance of the heating system.

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