Underfloor Heating Cost Compared to Radiator Systems

It is said that running wet underfloor heating systems is noticeably cheaper, than other radiator systems. We look at the benefits of choosing underfloor heating.

Lower Running Costs.

Wet underfloor heating is one of the best ways to keep warm during the cold winter season. The running costs are normally lower than electric underfloor heating and radiators.

Cheaper Supply Price.

Supply price is normally £11-£12 per m² and install price can range between £5-£6 per m² depending on the size of the project. Quote and design always comes free of charge.

More Economic.

An electric system is best used to run at night on Economy 7 setting, whereas a water system is more efficient and able to operate 24/7 with setback temperatures during the day and the night.

Popular Choice.

New SAP ratings are not very suitable for electric systems, and so wet underfloor heating systems are now becoming the norm in new build properties.
It is always best to use an approved installer to fit the system as well as an approved electrician to install the wiring and room thermostats.

Environmentally Friendly.

Underfloor heating systems used with heat pumps and condensing boilers will reduce the CO2 output and therefore are much more environmentally friendly than conventional radiators.

Cost vs Maintenance

It is more expensive to purchase a wet underfloor heating system compared to radiators, however with the running cost being much lower, you benefit from long term savings.

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