Grundfos UPM3 – the next generation of underfloor heating pumps


Here at Underfloor Heating Systems Limited we always make sure we use the latest new technology.  We have now updated our pumps from the Grundfos UPS2 pump to the Grundfos UPM3 pump.

The UPM3 pump comes with a number of benefits:


– 7 m head

– Easy access to the user interface from the front

– Plug in wire

– Easy access to de-blocking screw from the front

– Intelligent configuration

– Very high efficiency pump

– Ultimate reliability; ceramic bearing shaft, double de-blocking system and high temperature resilience

– Easy for the end user to adjust settings.


The UPM3 pump exceeds efficiency benchmarks.  The pump has been lab and field tested all over the world and it has passed with flying colours.  It’s been tested long enough to prove its reliability. Hence we’ve introduced this new pump to be included as our standard pump with all our underfloor heating kits this year.


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