Danfoss Wiring Centre FH-WC Technical Information

The FH-WC offers an eight zone wiring centre for underfloor heating systems that use hard-wired thermostats. With each of its eight outputs, the device can connect thermal actuators to the thermostats located in each room the underfloor heating is installed in.

As the FH-WC is designed for use with water-based underfloor heating systems, it works perfectly with those we offer and install. The standard 230 VAC/50Hz plug that connects the device to a power unit allows the use of the product without the need for an external transmitter. Additionally the unit has two voltage-free heat demand relays, which when activated allow the heating of both the floor and boiler in the house to be controlled separately.

The FH-WC also comes with a thermostat, which allows easy reading of the underfloor heating temperature, and clear minimum and maximum settings. There is also a frost-guard setting, which is preset at 4°C.

Please visit our technical information page for a range of helpful pdf downloads or contact us for more information, designs or a quote for underfloor heating.

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