Commissioning Instructions

The system must be filled with water and fully vented of air. This can be best achieved using mains pressure through the two filling valves at the end of the manifolds.

All valves should be closed and the flow filling valve connected with a hose to the mains water supply, with the return filling valve connected to a hose laid to a wastewater point.

One by one the flow and the return valves are opened and closed purging the loops of air. When this is completed and the filling valves closed off, the pumps should be run for five minutes and the air vented again at the air bleed valve on the filling valves until all air is bled from the system.

The manifolds are supplied with options for individual control for each room. On the return manifold (the blue caps), actuators can be mounted for individual control. If a programmable room thermostat with a two port valve is controlling the system and there is no individual control, the “blue caps” should be left open.

The flow manifolds are supplied with flow gauges. To adjust the flow gauges, us the key provided with the manifolds. See instructions included in the manifold box on how to adjust the flow meters.

The following is an approximate guide, as how far each loop should be adjusted;

Size of Loop

Percentage Open

10 – 30 metres

30 % open

40 – 60 metres

50 % open

60 – 90 metres

75 % open

90 – 100 metres

100 % open

When the system is finally started: If the return manifold is not getting warm, there is either air in the system or the mixing valve is mounted in the wrong direction. Check the position of the mixing valve and bleed the loops separately again while the system is running.


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