1. Underfloor Heating Temperatures

    Since 50 % of the comfort effect is a result of radiation, air temperatures can be little lower with warm water underfloor heating than with other heating methods.  As an example an air temperature of 19 degree C feels very comfortable with underfloor heating, i.e. 2 degree C lower than accepted norm with other heating […]

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  2. Why Use Underfloor Heating?

    There are several reasons why underfloor heating can be more beneficial than conventional heating methods, and with times changing fast, it is now more accessible than ever. We look at a handful of benefits from installing underfloor heating in your home. The Floor is the Heater. Warm water is circulated through pipe loops laid under […]

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  3. Underfloor Heating Maintenance

    The underfloor heating system is in principle maintenance free and designed to work for many years.  There are some checking points; 1. The pressure in the underfloor heating system should be checked now and then.  If necessary the underfloor heating system is refilled, which might be the case in the beginning of the winter season. […]

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  4. Underfloor Heating Manifolds Positions

    Careful consideration should be given to the location of the underfloor heating manifolds at the inital stage of the project.  Underfloor Heating manifolds should be located as centrally as possible in the building so that the lenghts of the pipe routing between manifolds and the indiviudal heating zones is kept to a minimum.  This will help to […]

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  5. Warm Water Underfloor Heating

    Passive self-regulation for underfloor heating Although underfloor heating systems are used in association with temperatures controls with different degrees of sophistication, the underfloor heating system provides its own passive self regulation. Floor temperatures are slightly higher then those of the room air. A rise in air temperature due to solar gain or increased occupancy means that […]

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