Accessories For Underfloor Heating Systems

We offer a range of accessories for our water underfloor heating systems.

12v Power Supply unit can be used to power our low voltage underfloor heating room thermostats.

Our sensor housing, is ideal to be used in en-suites and bathrooms to house the remote sensor for the underfloor heating room thermostats.

Power relay card is designed for use with our 12v network underfloor heating thermostats.

In-Line wax valve can be used for radiator systems to give independent control for each radiator.

Remote sensor probe can be used to measure air and floor temperature for the underfloor heating system.  This probe is supplied with a 3 meter cable which can be extended to 20 meters if required.

Infrared remote control.  The Heatmiser RM1 gives the user remote control of the set temperatures of the underfloor heating water room thermostats.

External aerial is designed to work with our underfloor heating UH1-W wireless receiver.  It is perfect for extending the RF coverage within your property.

Slimline wireless repeater is designed to work with our slimline underfloor heating wireless room thermostats.  The wireless repeater can be used to extend the communication distance between thermostat and receiver.

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