Underfloor Heating Operation

Once a wet underfloor heating system has been installed there is really nothing to do for the client.  The client/end user only needs to set the room thermostats to work as they prefer them to work.  Wet underfloor heating systems will normally start 2 – 3 h before a radiator systems in a screeded floor, but the underfloor heating system can be switched off earlier as the screed will store the heat. In a timber suspended floor the wet underfloor heating system will work as fast as a radiator system.

There should be no need for the end user/client to adjust the pump speed or to adjust the underfloor heating mixing valve.  Normally the underfloor heating pump speed will be set on number three and the mixing valve at 45 degree C for a screeded floor and 55 degree C for a timber suspended floor.

Make sure that there is a by-pass valve fitted by the heating source.  The concrete needs to dry for at least four weeks before the heating is operated.  All the electrical control needs to be wired to current regulations by an approved electrical contractor.

Check that all the air is gone from all the underfloor heating loops.  The flow rates should be set as our instructions suggest.  Ie use the flow meters on the underfloor heating manifold to adjust the flow rates.

The underfloor heating pressure test should be for minimum 4 bar for at least 1 hour.  If there is a risk of the water freezing, use antifreeze.

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