Wet Underfloor Heating

Wet underfloor heating is very energy efficient.  Having underfloor heating installed will reduce your energy bills and keep your feet warm.

The heat will only be circulated in the rooms where it is required.  Each room will have it’s own room temperature control.  No ugly radiators to be fitted on the wall, you will have much more space for furniture.  Less dust will be circulated in the rooms and no burning surfaces to touch.

Wet underfloor heating systems will work with most floor finishes.

At Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd we aim to to the underfloor heating quote the same day we receive the floor plans and we can delivery the underfloor heating system for next day delivery. We only use high quality European products, ie manifolds are made in Germany by Watts, pipe is made by Henco in Belgium and all the controls come from Heatmiser in the UK.  The pump is from Grundfos/Denmark and the mixing valve is from Reliance Water Controls/Australia.

Our underfloor heating system can be fitted in a screeded floor, timber suspended floor and a floating floor. We have a solution for most floor constructions.  Our underfloor heating system is very easy to install.  All of our engineers have been working with underfloor heating systems for many years, so we have a very strong technical team to service the UK and Europe.

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