Underfloor Heating Single Zone (Single Room)

One of our many available products is the Single Room pack, ideal for extensions and conservatories.

It can work as part of the radiator system or it can have a separate feed from the heating source (which is the recommended practice).  Any wet underfloor heating system will work best as a separate system with S-Plan control.

The control unit is pre-made and wired and comes with ball valves for isolation, thermostatic mixing valve and a 6m Grundfos pump. We can supply the underfloor heating single room pack with an analog room thermostat or a programmable digital room thermostat, depending on how the water underfloor heating systems is connected to the heating source.

It is always important to make sure the site is clean and level, before beginning the underfloor heating installation.

The best way to operate the single zone underfloor heating system is with a 2 port valve and a separate feed from the heating source. If this is not possible, then take the feeds from the heating pipework from the main run, i.e. 22mm and reduce down to 15mm when connecting to the underfloor heating single room unit.

If the underfloor heating system is just working with the boiler without a 2 port valve, then the water temperature sensor in the control unit will start the underfloor heating pump.  When the water temperature reaches 45 degrees, the underfloor heating pump will automatically start, and if the room is warm enough then the room thermostat will switch off the underfloor heating pump.

When the boiler stops working, the control unit will continue to work if the room thermostat is demanding heat and when the water temperature drops to 33 degrees, the water temperature sensor will switch off the underfloor heating pump.

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