Underfloor Heating Wiring Centre Heatmiser UH3

The Heatmiser underfloor heating wiring centre is one of the best on the market in the UK.  It comes with a 5 Amp fuse time delay.

Mains supply will connect from a fused spur into the underfloor heating wiring centre.  There is also a relay for switching the boiler/two port valve on.  The wet underfloor heating wiring centres comes with connections for the underfloor heating pump.

A two port valve can be connected to the UFH valve connection.  Some valves use different colours.  If the end switch is not being used put a link between Gr and Or.

The underfloor heating water wiring centre can be fitted with eight room thermostats.  Each room thermostat can control up to four underfloor heating loops, ie four actuators.

A time clock can also be fitted to the underfloor heating wiring centre.  Zone 8 on the wiring centre can be isolated, so this connection could be used for the radiator system on the First Floor.

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