Wet Underfloor Heating Installation

The normal procedure for installing wet underfloor heating is as below;

1. Fit the underfloor heating insulation.  Check that perimeter insulation has been fitted.  Tape all the joints.

2. Install the water underfloor heating manifold on the wall and connect the underfloor heating water pump pack to the manifold.

3. The underfloor heating wiring centre can also be fitted above the underfloor heating manifold.

4. Now, install the Henco underfloor heating pipework 16 x 2 mm as suggested in the project information, hand sketch or the CAD drawing.

5. Fill the underfloor heating pipework with water and perform a pressure test.  It is very important that the underfloor heating system is filled as the manufacturers recommendations, please see our underfloor heating instructions.

6.  The builder can now screed the floor and the electrican can connect all the room thermostats to the underfloor heating wiring centre when the screed is dry and safe to walk on.

7.  The Heatmiser PRT hard wired room thermostats are 3 core + earth.  The room thermostats are normally fitted beside the light switch in each room.

8. The underfloor heating pump and the underfloor heating actuators needs to be connected to the wiring centre.

9. Normally a two port valve by the boiler will be fitted on the flow pipework to the underfloor heating system after the boiler pump.

10.  The wiring centre has a boiler relay fitted inside.  The boiler relay will power up the two port valve and the two port valve will switch the boiler on.

11. There is no need for a separate timer for the underfloor heating system as our programmable digital room thermostats does the job.

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