Underfloor heating – warm floors perfect for human comfort

Underfloor heating has been around for thousands of years.  The Romans used the hypocaust system.  Today we use high quality multilayer pipes buried in the screed or fitted between timber suspended floors.

The normal human body temperature is 37 degrees C.  An underfloor heating system will only heat the floor up to approximately 23 – 24 degrees C, i.e. perfect for human comfort.

Warm water underfloor heating in old properties that happen to have poor insulation qualities – such as single windows etc – may not necessarily always perform as well as expected, hence always ask before making your decision on whether to invest or not.  The heat losses can be too high with underfloor heating fitted it may also in some cases require additional heating, such as radiators.

Floor insulation must always be fitted below the pipes.  If it is an existing property, the screed on ground floors should ideally be dug up and re installed after pipework installation.  Alternatively the floor level / height can also be increased by using battens.

The snake pattern / design layout is the favoured layout for the underfloor heating pipework.  It is easy to install, and as the temperature drop is very low between flow and return it is the best solution for any experienced installer.

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