1. Underfloor Heating FAQ Part One

    Below we have tried to answer some of the common questions that we get asked here at Underfloor Heating Systems Limited. We get so many questions, and we do try our best to answer them all! We will continue to answer more questions later on, so please keep on checking this blog.   Q. Can […]

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  2. Eco Friendly Heating Systems – The Pros & Cons

    Traditional heating systems are among the many sources of pollution, however, this became clear only in recent times. During the last decades, people have become more and more aware of the huge impact that these domestic appliances have on the environment. Moreover, traditional boilers can suffer from dangerous leakages of carbon monoxide, which is a […]

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  3. Underfloor Heating Problems & Their Solutions

    Provided a high quality system has been chosen and installed correctly, new underfloor heating systems should not have any problems. However, as the first two conditions of this statement are not always strictly adhered to, niggles can occasionally crop up. The best way to combat any potential issues with your underfloor heating system is to […]

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