HENCO Underfloor Heating Pipes

HENCO underfloor heating pipes are normally bent without any special tools.  When the pipes have been in service and temperature and pressure decrease, the pipe contracts.  With an approved fitting range the grip between the pipe and fittings is stronger than the contraction force and does not give any problem provided the installation of the fitting is carried out according to the manufacturers instructions.

HENCO underfloor heating pipes should be connected to the underfloor heating manifolds with approved 16 x 2 mm euroconus fittings, ie PEX/AL/PEX multilayer pipe.  The euroconus fittings is made up by a nut, sleeve and an insert.

These euroconus fittings are the most common types of fittings available for underfloor heating manifolds.  During the installation follow the manufacturers assembly instructions.

Underfloor Heating Systems Limited only supply 16 mm HENCO pipe for our underfloor heating systems.  This size is very common in Europe and works well with all types of floor contructions.

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