Underfloor Heating Wiring Centre Options

Our underfloor heating central wiring switch boxes have been designed to simplify the wiring process for our water underfloor heating systems.  Using the Heatmiser UH1, UH2 or UH3 in your underfloor heating systems applications, means that the actuator, boiler and pump connections are wired from a single point.

Our underfloor heating 12 V network thermostat wiring centre – Heatmiser UH1, is designed to be used in conjunction with our 12v network room thermostats.  The UH1 provides central switching and is therefore ideally situated next to the water underfloor heating manifolds.  8 zones can be controlled as well as providing an output for a hot water cylinder.  Up to 6 actuators can be connected to each zone.

Our 230 V 4 zone underfloor heating wiring centre – UH2, can be used in conjunction with our mains room thermostats.  The Heatmiser UH2 provides central switching of up to 4 zones.

The Heatmiser UH3 underfloor heating wiring centre is used with our Heatmiser PRT room thermostats or Heatmiser PRT-TS.  Up to 8 underfloor heating zones can be used with the UH3.  Up to 4 underfloor heating actuators can be connected to each zone.

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