Pipe Construction

Henco multilayer pipe systems now offer the most comprehensive range of plumbing and heating systems available.

Used extensively throughout Europe, multilayer pipe is both flexible and formstable. Its enclosed aluminium pipe ensures that Henco multilayer pipe is 100% oxygen diffusion proof while maintaining very low expansion rates similar to other metal pipes.

We have made sure that we use one of the best quality pipe on the market – this is the multilayer pipe made of PEX/AL/PEX. The pipe is 100% oxygen diffusion tight, therefore offering total protection against oxygen entering the heating system.  The pipe is approved for 10 bar pressure and 95 degree C temperature – one of the highest settings available.  Your system will never need the above settings, but it indicates the strength of the pipe.

The inner and outer polyethylene pipes prevents scaling and corrosion and its unique combination of butt-welded aluminium and crosslinked polyethylene ensures that multilayer pipe is the only alternative to copper. Henco Multilayer Pipe gives the installer the advantages of both metal and plastic.

Offered with fittings ranging from standard compression to the superb “Press-fit” system, Henco multilayer pipe brings new and genuine improved standards to installation techniques. Currently available in 6 sizes, Henco multilayer pipe is now the first genuine pipe for all applications, be it plumbing, heating, underfloor heating or mains supply.

  1. Outer pipe in electron-beam crosslinked polyethylene.
  2. Sandwich layer homogeneously joining the outer pipe to the aluminium pipe.
  3. Uniform longitudinally welded, perfectly round, 0.4mm thickness aluminium pipe.
  4. Sandwich layer homogeneously joining the inner pipe to the aluminium pipe.
  5. Inner pipe in electron-beam crosslinked polyethylene

Why Multilayer Pipe?

There are 10 reasons why multilayer pipe is the best available pipe for underfloor heating:

  1. Butt-welded aluminium pipe.
  2. 100% oxygen-tight and water vapour diffusion tight.
  3. Low coefficient of linear expansion.
  4. Entirely corrosion-resistant, also against chemicals and electrochemicals.
  5. Sound-insulation similar to entirely plastic pipe.
  6. Electro-beam crosslinked inner and outer pipe.
  7. High resistance to pressure and temperature.
  8. Smooth surface, less loss of pressure.
  9. Light as plastic piping.
  10. Flexible, easy to bend even at low temperature, retains curved shape.

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