Why Use Underfloor Heating?

There are several reasons why underfloor heating can be more beneficial than conventional heating methods, and with times changing fast, it is now more accessible than ever. We look at a handful of benefits from installing underfloor heating in your home.

The Floor is the Heater.

Warm water is circulated through pipe loops laid under the floor, effectively making the floor one large radiator, but at much
lower surface temperature than a normal radiator.  All types of floor and floor coverings are suitable and the system can be run of any type of heat source; oil, gas, electric or solid fuel boiler and it works particularly well with heat pumps.  The pipe loops are continuous so there is no risk of leak and the whole system is virtually maintenance free.

It Gets Warmer.

Underfloor heating emits a higher proportion of it’s heat as radiant heat in the lower, occupied part of the room, not up at the ceiling.  This is more comfortable to the body, and therefore the heat is concentrated where it is required.
The humidity is higher so the room will not become stuffy, and as the heat is even over the whole area of the floor, there are no cold draughts, therefore you have warm feet and a cool head.

No Need For High Temperatures.

Due to the radiant effect concentrating the heat in the lower part of the room and even distribution of the heat across the room, the room temperature can be maintained at a lower temperature then with a conventional radiator system.
This translates into an energy saving of at least 15%.  Also, the water temperature in the system is lower so the boiler efficiency will be enhanced too, particularly if a condensing boiler is used.  Underfloor heating will also enhance the efficiency of a heat pump.

Dirt and Dust Free.

As the underfloor heating system is built into the floor there are no crevices to encourage the build of dust and dirt, and as there is no hot air convection there is no dust movement and unsightly black marks above radiators.  Underfloor heating makes wood and tiled floor (which are easier to keep clean, and do not harbour dust mites) more comfortable and acceptable.

Design Friendly.

One of the main problems with radiators is that they are always in the wrong place.  People prefer to arrange their furniture to suit their own preference, not their heating engineer.  Underfloor heating gives total freedom at all times and does not use up wall space.  Decorating is simpler – there are no radiators to paint, and wall papering is easier.  It can be brought into use earlier in a project to aid drying out.

Bespoke Design.

Underfloor heating systems are individually specified to suit customer requirements.  All systems feature individual zones with temperature control, continuous joint-free pipe circuit, and pipe spacing to suit individual parameters.
We have many installation techniques for both concrete & timber floors (despite popular myth, underfloor heating is suitable for timber floors).  Underfloor heating is suitable for all buildings, new & old, industrial, commercial and domestic.  We have a solution for every requirement.

High Quality.

Of composite polythene (pex) aluminium multilayer construction, the pipe is produced to very strict quality control standards and each coil is individually tested.  Suitable for continuous operation at 10 bar and 95 degree C, which far exceeds the characteristics of a pure plastic pipe, thus ensuring exceptional margin of safety and unlimited life expectancy.  The multilayer pipe guaranteed to be permanently 100 % oxygen impermeable.  Easily bent with minimal spring back ensures ease of installation.

Leakage Free.

The manifolds are manufactured in one piece from brass to ensure a long life free from leakage & corrosion.  Factory assembled and tested, featuring flow gauges for easy balancing, filling & draining connection and individual circuit actuators.
When used with a boiler, a pump & temperature control valve set is attached to the manifold providing circulation independent of the boiler pump, and water temperature regulation.  The use of this pump & temperature control valve set ensures compatibility with all types of boiler but may not be required for use with a heat pump.

Easy Access Control.

Individual room temperature control is provided by wall mounted thermostats controlling actuators on the manifold circuit valves.  At the manifold, boiler temperature water is regulated down to floor heating temperature.  The electrical control are terminated in a pump wiring centre which simplifies the electrical work and can be used to stop the pump in the event of all circuit closing. Further control options of digital programmable thermostats or full network systems can also be provided.

Competitive Pricing.

All components of Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd are of the highest quality – quality equal to any and better than most. However, this quality does not come at a premium, our past experience has proved that our quotations are guaranteed to be very competitive and simple to understand, they do not contain a myriad of ‘optional extras’ – only the items necessary to provide a complete and functional underfloor heating system.

Don’t take our word for this, allow us to prove what we say by requesting a free underfloor heating quotation.

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