1. Underfloor Heating Pressure Drop

    The temperature of the water in the underfloor heating pipes is determined by the room temperature that must be achieved at a certain q-value.  This temperature is the mean water temperature. Underfloor heating systems are normally designed for a temperature drop across the pipe loop of 10 to 15 degree C.  A low temperature drop […]

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  2. Underfloor Heating Response Time

    Different factors, all interrelated, affect the response time of an underfloor heating installation: 1. Climate conditions Climatic conditions vary in different parts of the world.  Water underfloor heating systems are designed to cope with the temperatures of the coldest months of the year.  This implies that the underfloor heating system is designed to work properly […]

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  3. Underfloor Heating Materials

    When considering underfloor heating, it is important to be aware of everything that it entails. A standard underfloor heating quote from Underfloor Heating Systems would include; Multilayer pipe 16 x 2 mm – PEX/AL/PEX – Made by HENCO in Belgium, one of the largest mulitlayer manufacturer in the World. High quality Manifold(s) with flow regulators, on/off […]

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