1. Underfloor Heating Manifold Control Pack Instructions

    The underfloor heating manifold control pack provides temperature controlled mixed water to an underfloor heating system with a heat output up to 14 kW.  Our pump station is made by Reliance Water Controls in the UK – The specification for the underfloor heating mixer pack is; Maximum pressure: 10 bar Maximum temperature: 90 degree […]

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  2. Wet underfloor heating review

    All underfloor heating insulation requirements must comply to the latest building regulations. Normal screed can be used for underfloor heating systems.  No further additives are required. Anhydride screed can be 50 mm only.  It is very important to use a vapour barrier when using liquid screed for wet underfloor heating. The best floor finish for […]

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  3. Underfloor Heating Wiring Centre Heatmiser UH3

    The Heatmiser underfloor heating wiring centre is one of the best on the market in the UK.  It comes with a 5 Amp fuse time delay. Mains supply will connect from a fused spur into the underfloor heating wiring centre.  There is also a relay for switching the boiler/two port valve on.  The wet underfloor […]

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  4. Actuator for Underfloor Heating

    Our underfloor heating actuator from Henco in Belgium is made to the highest quality possible. It is an ON/OFF electrical head and the actuator is fitted on the underfloor heating return manifold. The specification for our underfloor heating Henco actuator is; Type of load controlled by the extrenal circuit – 700 mA. Type of action […]

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  5. Underfloor Heating Manifolds

    Our underfloor heating manifolds are made in Germany by Watts/Dumser to the highest quality possible.  The underfloor heating brackets are mounted to adjustable C-rails.  The wet underfloor heating manifolds are supplied with a ball valve set and a filling set. The underfloor heating manifolds are each fitted with a 1″ male thread for fixing the […]

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  6. Henco Underfloor Heating Pipe

    At Underfloor Heating Systems Limited we use Henco mulitlayer pipes for our underfloor heating system.  See website The wet underfloor heating system must be 100 % oxygen diffusion tight, which is guaranteed by using Henco multilayer pipe.  The aluminium layer eliminates any corrosion risk in the underfloor heating system. The aluminium layer will also […]

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