Underfloor Heating Review

According to a recent report the water underfloor heating market will continue to grow in 2012. The house building sector should see an increase in projects in 2013.

Self build market is one of the largest user of underfloor heating systems.  As heat pumps sales are increasing every year, it is natural that there is a growth in water underfloor heating systems as a heat pump and an underfloor heating systems is one of the most efficient heating systems available on the market today.  It is estimated that over 80 % of the self build market is fitted with underfloor heating systems.

In the past many UK installers/contractors were not familiar on how to install wet underfloor heating systems.  Over the last 10 years, this has changed dramatically.  Many plumbers and M & E contractors will now install underfloor heating water systems every week.

Modern water underfloor heating systems can be fitted almost to any building.  Here at Underfloor Heating Systems Limited we have even supplied our underfloor heating system to a house boat.

Underfloor heating systems are now much more affordable for any house builder and most proffesional installers/builders will be able to install the underfloor heating system themselves.

Some companies even use the underfloor heating system as a cooling system in the summer.

Finally, our 25 mm floating floor panels with built in grooves for our HENCO mulitlayer pipe 16 x 2 mm PEX/AL/PEX can be used with a Fermacell board if screeding is not practical.

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