The importance of choosing the correct underfloor heating system.

With over 200 companies selling water underfloor heating online in the United Kingdom, it can be a bit difficult for anybody to find the right supplier for their underfloor heating project.  Products vary, apparently even opinions vary.   Here at Underfloor Heating Systems Limited we have now used the same products for 15 years in the UK.  Improvements have been made of course, but the manufacturers remain the same.  You can’t beat proven quality.


Many online retailers will sell cheap products from the Far East.  Often they aren’t of the same high quality as the products made by the very best European manufacturers.  Sometimes marketed as ‘European Standard’ pipes, which doesn’t actually mean its been ‘Made in’ Europe or the UK.  One could potentially consider it as a bit misleading.

We have seen Chinese copies of Grundfos pumps, (fake) copies of Reliance (RWC) mixer valves, leaking manifold flow meters etc.  We would only recommend to use trusted and highest quality underfloor heating parts, after all once the pipe is buried by a screed it’s too late to change one’s mind.


We only use Henco pipes from Belgium.  Louis Hendrickx started a small stove shop in 1948.  In 1956 the business grew and more stoves were manufactured.  After 14 years Louis decided to manufacturer radiators, in fact up to 44,000 pcs a day.

The radiator business grew very fast for Louis and he named it Henrad.  In 1988 Louis sold the Henrad business.

The multilayer pipe was born in 1992 when Louis started Henco.  Henco is now one of the world leaders for multilayer pipes used for wet underfloor heating.  Louis had the vision to see that the future is underfloor heating and using PEX/AL/PEX pipes.


Our manifolds are from Watts in Germany.  Watts started in the USA 1874 producing parts for the local textile mills.  Watts then continued to produce steam and water pressure regulators.  Since it early start Watts have made a number of acquisitions and Watts continue to grow.  Many installer would say that the Watts stainless steel underfloor heating manifolds are the best manifolds in Europe.


Reliance Water Controls, also known as Reliance Worldwide Corporation these days, is a global leader of water controls including heating & plumbing products.  RWC was founded in 1949 with the UK operation started in 1986 in Evesham.  Reliance are the world largest thermostatic mixing valve manufacturer – which benefits us as we use their mixing valves for our underfloor heating systems.


Finally, all of our electronic controls come from Heatmiser based in Blackburn, Lancashire.  Heatmiser was established in 1968 as a small contracting company and have now become one of the UK’s leading underfloor heating controls manufacturer.

As can been seen from all of the above manufacturers, Underfloor Heating Systems Limited only use manufacturers that have the quality, technical back up and the vision to grow the UK underfloor heating market.


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